Re-Writing the Past

Farewell To Arms

by:Ernest Hemingway


I am about  200 pages into Hemingway’s   rendition of WWI and after reading about Hemingway himself the I found that the similarities between him and the main character Lieutenant Frederic Henry are undeniable. Hemingway used his experience of WWI to craft an amazingly accurate description of what it was like being on the Italian front as a young man. So far the book has me wanting to read as much of it as I can. I am not a big fan of romance, but the Hemingway is able to make the romance a motivation instead of a crutch has kept me interested. Be warned this is not a happy book. WWI saw destruction and loss of life on a scale that had never been seen before  and Hemingway has no problem portraying the brutality of war and its aftermath. Being an ambulance driver Henry has a first hand look at the effects of “modern war” had on the people and the land. Hemingway’s own experience in the same position as Henry can be clearly seen in the imagery that he creates. So far it seems that Hemingway wrote this book to retell his own experiences and use his ability as the author to alter them to how he saw fit.It is like he is re-writing his own past.

Happy Monday everyone!! School is in full-swing now and the work is starting to hit hard. Thankfully I was able to have a nice weekend off of work and the weather was nice and cool. Thanks to Hemingway I now have a quote to help me get through the times that I feel overwhelmed.

“The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong at the broken places.”
― Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms

This reminds me of a more formal way to say ” What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”All joking aside it is true. Life tests us and will break us, but it is our job to heal and get stronger, learn from our mistakes and keep on going.

I wish everyone a great week and remember that the week has just begun let’s see what it has for us. Until next time.

Word count:357


5 thoughts on “Re-Writing the Past

  1. I liked how you researched into Hemingway and connected so may things between him and the protagonist and I definitely agree this is him re-writing his own past in a way. This book sounds especially worth reading now with the historical connection in play.


  2. I have never read the book, but from what you are saying, it seems like i have to read it soon. Also, thank you for the quote because I agree that it helps me through the week. I need some motivation and that quote was just what I was looking for.


  3. Hemingway is an author I’ve alway wanted to read but I’ve never gotten around too. After reading this post though I think I might actually go ahead and pick up one of his books. It seems like the majority of art, music, and literature is about or has to do with love so its definitely nice to see someone approach it differently. Thanks for this post, I found it really helpful!


  4. Your review was great! I like how you mentioned that it has romance in the novel but that did not stop you from reading, i’m not much for romance in books, but, from your review it seems that it wont that big of a problem for me to read. might be my next book choice.


  5. Aaahhhh, I don’t like tragedies. I try to avoid them, because they put me in a temporary depressed state. This book looks really cool on the historical side, tho. It seems to be a pretty reliable account, since Hemingway’s got actual experience.


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